3D Live was founded in 2010 as a side project to understand more about the challenges cabinet makers faced running a joinery business. The concept of 3D Live evolved into a full time passion for us in February 2013 when we decided it was time to take the leap and really shake the industry up. We have collectively been involved in CAD/CAM software for more than 15 years and realised that consumers were searching for a company that could offer expert services and great value software at a fair price. We seized the opportunity and haven’t looked back since.


cm-basic-icon We are changing the way cabinet makers do business, discovering, innovating and implementing technology that will reshape the industry



After years of working with all the leading CAD/CAM software solutions for the cabinet making industry we decided to distribute CabMaster software as it is the best fit for our mission and core values. CabMaster is an innovative application available at a fair price.


We only hire and associate ourselves with people who share our mission and values. It is our belief that it doesn’t matter how good technology is, it is only as good as the people supporting it!


The goal of every business is to make money. The best technology and the best people don’t mean anything if you’re not making money. We believe in return on investment and ensure every service and product we offer delivers the maximum return on your investment.


Live refers to the unique way in which the three dimensions of Technology, People and Profit need to exist simultaneously. All three of these dimensions need to co-exist to function. Without one of the dimensions our business model would be as useful as a kitchen stool with two legs.


Onsite Training

Be trained by the best in the business. As certified Cabinet Makers, Interior Designers and CAD/CAM software guru’s we can relate with you and your business. Understanding software and Cabinet Making is one thing, understanding how to teach it is a form art in itself.

Online Training

Get all the benefits of Onsite Training in a virtual one-on-one environment. We log in remotely to view your screen and talk you through training and or diagnostics support.

Production Drawings

We know that good employees are hard to find and training them requires time and money. A smarter choice is to utilise our Production Drawing service during your busiest period, relieving the pressure during quiet periods.

Library Creation

Simplify and speed up drawing by creating a library tailored to your business. Do you have cabinets that you cut or drill manually? Automate the process by having the items built into your library.

Removable Labels

Our A4 8 per page labels come packed in boxes of 1000 sheets for high volume usage, in functional packaging, so there is less waste and we can pass on lower prices to you. Our labels have a high initial tack and are easy to peel off, even weeks after application. Labels are compatible with everyday laser printers so you don’t need to invest in expensive printing equipment.

Consulting Services

Take advantage of the knowledge we have gained from implementing multiple CAD/CAM software applications across hundreds of businesses Australia wide. Think about how much you have learnt from your time in business; imagine multiplying that by hundreds of unique businesses across Australia. That’s the experience we can bring to your business.

Website and Marketing

Outsource the design of your website and marketing content to us. We have a unique understanding of your business, your industry and website technology. We design websites, logos and business stationary that is industry specific, mobile friendly and responsive.

CabMaster Features

Simple to learn. Easy to use

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Drag & Drop

Drag and drop cabinets from the library to quickly design a room layout. Cabinets can be placed anywhere on the page without drawing the walls.

3D PDF’s

Exporting your design to a 3D PDF is a new game changing feature of CabMaster. Simply export your 3D design to a 3D PDF file that allows your customers to rotate, zoom and pan around the room in 3D.

Floor Plans,
Elevations & 3D

View your design from Plan, Elevation & 3D to get a complete room visualisation.Simple icons allow you to navigate between views with ease.

Detailed Pricing

Select from a range of different pricing options starting from a simple fixed cost, right through to a break down costing of material, hardware, labour and more. Develop your own pricing tables to ensure the automatically generated price covers all the variables that form your quotation.

Parametric Library

To ensure your up and running as quick as possible CabMaster comes fully loaded with an extensive parametric cabinet library.

Cutting Lists
& Reports

CabMaster comes loaded with various reports to help you communicate your design to the factory. Effortlessly print and share Cutting Lists, Material Summary Reports, Professional Quotations and more.

True Shape

True Shape Nesting is a standard inclusion of EzyNest. True Shape nesting reduces material wastage by optimizing parts according to their true shape.

Cabinet Options

Cabinet Options gives you quick access to the controls and options you always need at your fingertips. Just double click on any cabinet to do things like change the size, materials, hardware, price or modify and add machining all in one user friendly menu.

CabMaster Machining Levels

CabMaster offers three levels that run CNC machinery. Suiting start up companies through to high volume manufacturers.



Simple and easy to use entry level CNC program. Start machining cabinets at a very affordable price from the library provided. You can always upgrade at a later stage for more functionality as your business grows.

List View Of Cabinets

Part labels

CNC Machine Link



CabMaster Plus is our mid range CNC software giving you the ability to lay out your plans, elevations and basic 3D images for Sales, and then send your designs to your CNC.

All Basic Features +

2D / 3D views

Detailed floor plan views

Elevations & Shop Drawings

Detailed cross sections views



Our top level of CNC software – from Sales and Quoting right through to your CNC. CabMaster Machining Premium has an extensive library supplied ready to use straight out of the box, getting you machining and improving efficiencies straight away.

All Basic & Plus Features +

Photo View 3D Images

Generate / Print reports

Detailed job costing

Library Catalog Manager (LCM)

Displays drilling, boring and routing operations

Control Machining per part (with FreeForm)

Full CM-Cabinets Library

CabMaster Designing Levels

CabMaster offers three levels ranging from basic design through to cutting list generation and detail pricing.



Perfect for the kitchen designer who wants a quick and easy way to produce a plan, elevation and 3D image for their client, even better it will also give you a quote to match your plans When your finished your design, send it to your client in a 3D PDF so your client can view your plans in 3D, rotate, zoom and even make the doors see through to see their shelving.

Detailed job costing

Create benchtop layouts

Detailed floor plan views

Elevations & Shop Drawings



Just like all CabMaster Designer products, drag and drop to draw up your plan using a comprehensive pre built library. Produce reports, which can be customised, such as cutting lists, quotes, invoices, quantities and more.

All Designer 3D Features +

Cutting list capability

Panel Estimator (optional)



As our top of the line design software, produce your job from start to finish along with the ability to create your own cabinets and save them to the catalog, saving you time on your next project. When you’re finished, optimise your parts for a panel saw saving you time and money on each job.

All Designer CL Features +

Library Catalog Manager (LCM)

User defined cabinet names

User defined cabinet sizes

Panel Estimator (Included)


  • I switched from Cabinet Vision to CabMaster about a year ago and haven't looked back. CabMaster is easy to use, fast and affordable. I am easily able to design and nest enough jobs to keep the entire factory busy.
    Moey Hawchar
  • We have had the CabMaster software for over 3 months now and are extremely happy with our choice. CabMaster software is easy to use, and has lots of unique and helpful features. In my opinion CabMaster has the most comprehensive library with Australian construction methods in mind.
    Ben Schulte
    happy client
  • 3D Live were able to help us by providing on-site support to get our project up and running very quickly and were able to work around our timetable on very short notice. We couldn't be happier with the service provided and the experience in general.
    Phillip Gray
    Satisfied Customer
  • Being from the remote area of the Snowy Mountains service is the most important thing I looked for in a software provider. 3D Live has exceeded my expectations. Scheduling onsite training was so easy I could have mistaken them for a local company. Their on line support service is fast and easy to use. I recommend them highly
    Steve Blyth
    happy client

Get in touch

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Jamie Silver

Co-Founder/Managing Director

As Co-Founder of 3D Live Pty Ltd, Jamie was appointed to the role of Managing Director in March 2013. With a diverse background in sales, solutions management and training, Jamie has brought over 15 years’ experience to the business.

David Carr

Co-Founder/Managing Director

As Co-Founder, Dave joins the Managing Director role with 14 years’ experience in the industry.  His expertise focuses on training and support for Cabinet Makers implementing software into their business, with experience doing so both domestically and internationally.

Shannan Pearce

Queensland Business Development Manager

Shannan has been involved in the joinery industry for 12 years. After starting off on the tools, he moved into software sales after recognising its strong relevance in the future of the industry.

Kitchen Design

The 3D Live difference is that we create a 3D representation of your new kitchen live infront of your eyes. The benefit of designing live is that you as a customer are able to see your kitchen in action and tailor it to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Removable Labels for Cabinet Makers


Our A4 8 per page labels come packed in boxes of 1000 sheets for high volume usage, in functional packaging, so there is less waste and we can pass on lower prices to you. Compatible with everyday laser printers.

  • 1000 A4 sheets x 8 per page removable labels.
  • 8000 individual labels in total.
  • Compatible with CabMaster, Cabinet Vision, Pytha, EzyNest and EnRoute.