Steve, Steves Joinery

We have been using CabMaster now for over 2 years and it has been an invaluable addition to our business . The program is easy to use and understand, and as we manufacture detailed joinery, the support staff are always on hand to provide support and help guide us through when a new situation arises . In particular, the program has grown and adapted with changes in our machinery and materials used which has made smooth transitions and minimised error and time wasting. We would thoroughly recommend CabMaster to any Joinery in the CAD Joinery market .  

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Ben, TBJ Projects

Cabmaster and 3d Live has enabled TBJ Projects to seamlessly integrate both the design and production side of Joinery. We are able to provide stunning 3d renders to our customers to satisfy design queries and expectations. The libraries are constantly updated with new materials and hardware. Once Designed, The effortless machining process saves us time and money. The support team are always there to resolve any issues we may come across. Cabmaster has helped TBJ Projects evolve and elevate to a large scale Joinery company and we feel running the Cabmaster program continually gives us an edge on our Rivals.  

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Paul, Selective Kitchens

CabMaster is a great tool here at Selective Kitchens and is used daily. With the help of 3Dlive we have been able to use the initial training lessons to build on our knowledge as I was able to teach myself the basics. As we continue using the program we are planning on utilising more of its capabilities with quoting and 3D rendering to get the most out of Cabmaster.


Dave, TOK Carpentry and Partitioning

Using cabmaster has been great for TOK carpentry and Partitioning.  The service and support we get from 3D live has been tremendous, it’s as easy as contacting them and organizing a date to get extra training.  The support from cabmaster has enabled TOK to fix any issues that we have encountered, this enables us here to maintain and exceed the high standards of diverse joinery in the ACT area.  


Adam, Kitchen Land

We here at Kitchen Land have been using Cabmaster for several years, in that time we have been able to add custom cabinets to our library to increase our speed and efficiency in delivering quality flat pack and complete kitchens. The service and support from 3D live has been valuable asset in training new staff members who are new to the software.

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Alex, Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms

Cabmaster is a great program. We use the highest level of Cabmaster and Ezynest and has helped push our business to the forefront of customer satisfaction.  Whenever we come into an issue, it is great to have Cabmaster Support available to help whenever we have needed it.  


Cabmaster is a product I really enjoy using, I give it 10/10. From a production point of view it is great, I can draw up and design a project and have everything pre drilled from hinges to draw runners. This saves me a lot of time and utilises the speed and accuracy of the CNC machine. If a client decides to make a change it’s a simple process to amend a drawing to suit their needs.    


Justin, Pacific Designer Kitchens

Cabmaster is a great product, it allows us to focus in on exactly what the customer wants for there kitchen needs to suit their lifestyle and budget. We take advantage of the 3d rendering to show the client how the end result of the kitchen will look like, this gives Pacific Designer Kitchens the professional edge over other competitors.